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About Us

We offer a hand picked selection of titles that comfortably deserve a place at the heart of your record collection. With Reverential Records, it's really just in the name. We show respect and admiration to our carefully curated collection and will help you do the same for yours. Through a combination of blazing hot titles and sweet accessories, we can kit you out in no time!

In our record shop you'll find a mixture of:

Big Hitters - The albums you should, and probably already do own. If you don't own them, then buy them all, now, from us!

Old Favourites - These are the albums that have stood the test of time and still stand out from the crowd - we're looking at you, Pet Sounds...

New Releases - These will be the ones that garner critical acclaim and that everyone knows about, unless you're under a rock.

Indie Gems - These are the diamonds in the rough, you're favourite band that you've not heard yet. This is a carefully curated section from different sources and will range from African Funk to Manchester Rock (and occasionally somewhere in between).

The Elephant In The Room

We're a business, there, we said it. No one likes to talk about money but we're happy to be open and honest with you to say that we want and need your hard earned cash. In return, you'll receive a personal service every time you order with us. There are loads of cool ideas we want to explore so don't be surprised if you do (or don't) receive other bits and pieces with your order, this is all part of us trying to find our way in the world and best way to serve you!