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On The Radar

Our weekly feature that brings you two new artists you almost certainly haven't heard of, we suggest you go check them out!

The K's

The K's are a four piece band hailing from Earlestown, north west England. 

Growing up under the shadows of our two huge neighbours, Manchester and Liverpool, we are eager to prove the fact that things can in fact grow in the dark. Even if it is out of sweaty practise rooms in a derelict town that time forgot. 

After years of getting into trouble together since high school, we decided to start putting our time into something more productive. After much debate and careful consideration on our future's; The K's was born.

After what seems like a lifetime of playing the pub and club circuit we are now headlining our own shows at prestigious venues in major cities. Something that seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream when we first pickedup our instuments and starting writing songs.

Click here to listen to their track 'Sarajevo'.

Carnival Club

Carnival Club are a quartet of late teenage, early twenty-something’s brimming with excitement, energy and kick out the jams, no holds barred vision.

The Manchester Evening News indeed got it right when they reviewed one of their blistering live shows. Carnival Club are "reaching out to grasp the ghostly hand of Lemmy’’ and plenty of other rock gods, alive or dead, with ‘’their musical cues darting in from every rock corner imaginable". 

Emerging during and after all the rock and roll death of 2016, here’s Carnival Club getting set to bring this year to life.

Click here to listen to their debut EP Magdalena's Cape.

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